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Saucony Grid 9000

then +ONLY+ pledge SEASON TICKET renewal TO A NEW REGIME gather 1000 of SIGS PLEDGING renewal.

we need to push on, really frustrates me at times. As does his inability to restore confidence or pull us out of a rut when we having our now infamous winter wobble. But Simon Grayson is Leeds. Simple. I have no doubts that with a lot more support, both mentally and financially, he could return us to the premier league on passion alone. I am still undecided on whether he is the right man for the job long term. That remains to be seen, as we have never seen him operate this club at and sort of capacity required to guarantee a playoff place. Considering what little he has had to do his job with, I think Saucony Grid 9000 he is doing a fair job. Bates is not the man to take this club forward. He is merely readying it for sale as an attractive investment to buyers. Mid to top table championship club, great facilities, hotel, museum, corporate boxes, excellent fanbase and great history. Could return to Premiership status with small squad investment. It primed for sale. In the mean time he unfortunately going to squeeze every penny he can out of it to live his last couple years in luxury. Bates OUT, Grayson STAYS in my opinion, until we have seen him operate the club at the level it deserves

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We need you to prove your worth now when we most need you. Come on LUST, finally show some real backbone, step up the plate and make a difference. Lead us in the fight against Bates and his cronies.

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You need to be co ordinating all the protests, producing banners, leaflets, whatever is required and to pro actively become the point of contact for the national and local media. Anything less and you become a laughing stock.

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After 7 challenging years in control, our members believe that it is time for change at Leeds United and we believe the overwhelming majority of Leeds United supporters feel the same way therefore the Trust will be supporting peaceful campaigning for new ownership in the days, weeks and months ahead and we urge the Chairman and the board to listen.

Set up a paypal account or something in the like and I will be happy to contribute a few hundred !

OK, LUST you have now picked a fight with MasterBates. You now need to step up to the plate.

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Love to all

Agree with above. Problem with all previous protests has been the lack of a leading body. I been contacted myself by media on several occasions to give views and had to refuse because they looking for someone to speak on behalf of the supporters as a whole (or at least a sizeable amount of them) and not a personal opinion. In the absence of a supporters trust leading Saucony Vegan Jazz

MOT Andy Pinder Leeds United Americas (Kansas White)

Bless, love you all, stay calm, be honest to yourselves, don waste your energy on hating Ken Bates, he aint listening, he will never listen to you, he far from caring on many fronts for many reasons.

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Bates and Grayson are in this together. Bates is obviously making money for himself selling players one by one and has no interest in club promotion to the premier league as seen in him selling good players for profit and taking in loanees or transferees free or on the cheap. Grayson probably helping him by showcasing certain players they mark for sales as seen in him changing his pattern of play in as many games. He probably gets a cut if sales of certain players goes through. I say, BATES OUT!

MOT Andy Pinder Leeds United Americas (Kansas White)

which is on TV I believe its a chance to crank up the pressure fans can protest and then go to the peacock to watch the game or even just sit in their local pub or watch it in Leeds city centre im a season ticket holder and will happily miss being there live if it helps in the long term remember you are NOT disloyal to stand up and protest, in fact the opposite is true because we all know how bad we feel by deliberately staying away from a Leeds match, but enough really is enough yes hes already got my money but its about much more than that. I shall be stood in a pub, shouting for my team in the belief that if the crowd is eerily quiet and ER (sadly) very empty, it may just ramp up the pressure and make those in charge sit up and take notice. Its 1 game people lets do this together for the long term good of Leeds United OUR Leeds United.

I see why you complain about ken bates. But we are a profitable club, we are upgrading our facilities around the stadium and we are always in the play off picture.

Saucony Grid 9000

Love it! Get right in his face and tell him to f. We are TO BIG and TO MANY not to be heard. Let make this an embarrassing event globally for Master Bates. He a lying, thieving cunt and the world deserves to know that.

the charge (as they do at every club bar ours it seems) we left with some clueless supporter broadcast worldwide who looks like he had 20 pints and could do with a good wash. They generally miss the point entirely and make us all look like dimwitted idiots incapable of stringing a sentence together. Always makes me cringe. Anyway, that was my saying good luck (and that it about time). MOT

Saucony Grid 9000

Saucony Grid 9000

We have no power RIGHT NOW PERIOD the only way is to stop buying Season tickets going to games right now.

´╗┐Supporters Trust campaign for regime change at the club

The Leeds United Supporters Trust today calls for the Chairman and board of Leeds United to actively look to sell the club to owners whose ambitions and resources more appropriately reflect the stature of the club and its loyal fans. We believe the time is now right for the current regime to step aside and allow the club to move forward. Overwhelmingly the majority of our members have asked us to campaign for this.


Bless, love you all, stay calm, be honest to yourselves, don waste your energy on hating Ken Bates, he aint listening, he will never listen to you, he far from caring on many fronts for many reasons.

Historically we as Leeds fans have been pathetic at organised protests (look at what Liverpool do, even Blackburn at the moment).

Love to all

I Think perhaps the biggest shame here is that Grayson is being seen as Bates right hand man. Putting myself in Grayson shoes I can see what he doing. He loves Leeds United. Pure and simple. He do anything to stay in his job as manager and hopefully can kiss enough Bates behind to stay in his position until after Bates is long gone where he will be able to run the team his way, without financial restrictions and lack of investment from the powers that be. While I am not a complete and utter fan of Grayson some of his tactics, refusal to play players when needed, and especially substitutions that show a lack of ambition and force us to sit back and defend when Reebok Question 5

Saucony Grid 9000

Theres a big call to boycott the southampton match Reebok Womens Trainers

another thought, suggestion to add, protest the Club Official Auditors. (I dont know who they are but should be really easy to find out) they have a legal responsibility to activity outside the norm.

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