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When he came home in 1944, it was to a hero's welcome. The 22 year old carried with him the Distinguished Flying Cross, with a Purple Heart, and four air medals. His family threw a big party for him in Los Angeles. That night he met his future bride, a reluctant teenage guest who didn't have any interest being at a party for a solider she'd never met.

When Betty was rolled into the operating room, there was no time for discussion. Dr. Naficy had to make the first incision in her groin, using only local anesthetic, while a team of two anesthesiologists hurried to set up an IV.

Betty was conscious and breathing when she was wheeled in. "I asked her if she was willing to take some serious risks to save her life, and she said yes," recalls Dr. Naficy. "I decided that there was hope and that she had a chance."

"Most patients with this problem die within minutes to an hour," says Dr. Dennis. "We figured out that her aneurysm likely ruptured in the early hours of the morning, and blood was slowly filling her abdomen. when they brought her in to see me is remarkable."

Something wasn't right.

She knew enough to tell Dr. Craig Dennis that if surgery was her only chance to survive, she wanted it.

As "board runner" that morning for the surgery department, one of Joanne's first calls was to the blood bank, making sure they were prepared for a mass transfusion.

Technically speaking, Betty's odds were not good. Aneurysms are the 13th leading cause of death in the United States. Only a small fraction of people who suffer a rupture make it to the hospital, and only half of those survive the surgery. Fewer than that survive the prolonged recovery. At 86, and with a series of health issues including the recent placement of stents in coronary arteries, and on medication to prevent blood clots from forming, Betty's chance of survival was 10 percent at best.

"VacaValley Hospital is the closest," Morry reasoned.

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Kevin Bowman and Richard Smith from Medtronic in Santa Rosa arrived just in time to deliver a quickly configured stent graft combination designed to fit Betty's aorta.

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Today, he considers it one of the best decisions he's ever made. His best decision? To marry Betty 67 years ago.

He took one look at Betty and insisted on a date. "I couldn't shake him," chuckles Betty.

that morning and was leaking at a steady pace. By the time she arrived at VacaValley Hospital's Emergency Department, her blood pressure was extremely low, but she was conscious and alert, and able to answer questions.

"Thank goodness we're a Level III Trauma Center," recalls Joanne. "New protocols with the blood bank now ensure that there's always a cooler of O Negative ready at a moment's notice. That's the only blood type that can be given to anyone without issue. Being able to give her blood when she was ready for it made a huge difference in this case."

"Think of it as making a custom designed three piece suit based on a phone conversation," explains Dr. Naficy. "I barked a quick series of numbers on the line over a span of a minute while the patient was rolled into the OR. Usually, a rigorous computer based process would design the stent."

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artery and using that path to place a balloon and later stents strategically, all the while paying close attention to her blood pressure.

blood pooling in her abdomen."

He dialed 9 1 1, and then hustled down the stairs, ignoring the pain in his back and the neuropathy in his legs, to open the door for paramedics. Once they arrived, the question was where to take her.

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"Betty was constantly bleeding, so her pressure was dropping," explains Dr. Naficy. "If we had tried to raise it too quickly or if it dropped too low, she would not have survived. We had to move fast if we were going to save her."

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